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Business disputes arise in countless ways. Regardless of industry, subject matter or stakes, these disputes almost always involve allegations of breach of contract or equitable claims like promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, quantum merit, or unclean hands. As a result, we have developed vast experience prosecuting and defending these claims and have successfully dealt with more specialized claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, Chapter 93A, unfair and deceptive trade practices, misappropriation of trademark, defamation, and fraud.

We also understand that clients are in business to be in business, not to be in court. We are purposefully efficient and focused whether prosecuting or defending a business claim so that the result serves the needs of the business.

Real Estate disputes threaten unique, irreplaceable assets. Our vast real estate litigation experience in the Superior Courts and Land Court enables us to try issues to verdict and to craft creative solutions to difficult problems. Our experience includes actions to cure title defects, litigating boundary disputes, litigating claims of adverse possession or prescriptive easements, try title actions, and purchase and sale contract disputes.

Case Study

Clisham et al. v. Varano, Worcester Superior Court

RESULT: Defense Verdict on Claim of Prescriptive Easement

Our client’s neighbor sued to establish a prescriptive easement over a common driveway running across abutting properties. The neighbor claimed that its family’s use of the common driveway for more than twenty years entitled it to prevent our client from installing a fence along the property line. At a jury-waived trial, we successfully established that the neighbor’s use of our client’s property was at all times permissive, not adverse, defeating the prescriptive easement claim. We also successfully established that alternative means of egress to the neighboring property existed, defeating plaintiff’s alternative theory of easement by necessity.

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