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Business disputes arise in countless ways. Regardless of industry, subject matter or stakes, these disputes almost always involve allegations of breach of contract or equitable claims like promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, quantum merit, or unclean hands. As a result, we have developed vast experience prosecuting and defending these claims and have successfully dealt with more specialized claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, Chapter 93A, unfair and deceptive trade practices, misappropriation of trademark, defamation, and fraud.

We also understand that clients are in business to be in business, not to be in court. We are purposefully efficient and focused whether prosecuting or defending a business claim so that the result serves the needs of the business.

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We recognize that business litigation must serve the best interests of the business involved. Our subject matter expertise allows us to fully advise clients of the risks and benefits of litigation. We tailor our approach to most efficiently achieve our client’s goals, whether we are prosecuting or defending commercial claims. Our work-flow efficiency and unlevered business model provide an economic advantage by reducing the burn rate inherent in commercial litigation.

Case Study

Vegnani v. Mass Medical Services, Inc. et al, Plymouth Superior Court

RESULT: Jury Verdict for $608,218.32.

Our client signed an employment agreement providing him an option to acquire equity in a closely held business and guaranteeing him severance pay in exchange for his option or equity in the event of his termination. When the business struggled, the majority shareholder fired him and refused to pay severance. After two attorneys tried unsuccessfully to resolve the case short of trial, we took the case on. Ahead of trial, we successfully obtained summary judgment on the issue of liability for breach of contract and tried the case to verdict, winning $608,218.32 in damages and successfully defeating each of the six counterclaims brought against our client by the majority shareholder.

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